MOBEXLER - A Mobile Application Penetration Testing Platform

Mobexler is a customised virtual machine, based on Elementary OS , designed to help in penetration testing of Android & iOS applications. Mobexler comes preinstalled with various open source tools, scripts, prerequisites etc. which are needed for security testing Android & iOS application.


Mobexler is unique for several reasons:

  1. One platform capable of managing Android Device/emulator and iOS devices, both at the same time.

  2. Comes preinstalled with various updated tools which are needed for security testing.

  3. Tools like MobSF are run inside a docker container, which ensures that it is easier to download the newer versions.

  4. Running MobSF in container also gives capability to perform static analysis on IPA, which otherwise requires Xcode tools.

  5. iOS devices can easily be connected through USB and various tools can be used to perform the testing, like Frida, Objection, Hopper etc.

  6. Free for everyone to use.

Default Configuration

List of tools

Android Zone

iOS Zone

General Penetration Testing Tools

Some Screenshots: